How To Flash Firmware SPD CPU with SPD Flash Tools

for this page, we'll show you how to flash or install the stock firmware (ROM Flash File) for Spreadtrum/Unisoc chip-powered devices using the SPD Upgrade Tool.

Installing, downgrading, or upgrading the firmware or Android operating system on a Spreadtrum (SPD) device is known as flashing. A computer, a USB cord, the relevant firmware file for your device, and flashing tools such as ResearchDownload, SPD Upgrade Tool (also known as SPD Flash Tool), or SPD Factory Tool are required. Please keep in mind that flashing your device can be dangerous and may invalidate your warranty, so continue with caution and double-check that you have the right firmware for your device before proceeding. Here is a general guide to flashing an SPD device:

What is (SPD) Spreadtrum CPU?

SPD (Spreadtrum) refers to a family of system-on-chip (SoC) processors created by Spreadtrum Communications, a Chinese semiconductor firm. SPD Spreadtrum CPUs are widely utilized in low- to mid-range smartphones and feature phones. Over the years, Spreadtrum has released a number of chipset types, each with its unique set of features and capabilities.

Spreadtrum SoCs are often linked with low-cost devices, and they are well-known for providing manufacturers with cost-effective solutions. These CPUs frequently have integrated processors, graphics, and communication components, making them appropriate for low-cost smartphones and feature phones.

Spreadtrum SoCs are not as well known or utilized as other chipsets like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon or MediaTek’s Helio series, but they have found a niche in the market due to their low cost, particularly in entry-level and emerging markets.

Spreadtrum (SPD) Flashing Guide-Using Official Flash Tool Step by Step:

How To Flash Firmware SPD CPU with SPD Flash Tools

Using the official flash tool to flash a Spreadtrum (SPD) device often requires the use of programs like SPD Upgrade Tool or SPD ResearchDownload. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for flashing an SPD device with an official flashing tool:

Before you begin:

  • Backup your data: Flashing your device will erase all data, so make sure to back up any important data.
  • Charge your device: Ensure your device has sufficient battery life or is connected to a charger during the process.

Step 1: Download Required Files

Step 2: Install USB Drivers

Download Spreadturm (SPD) USB Driver 2023 Latest Update

    • Install the SPD USB drivers on your computer. These drivers are required for your computer to recognize your SPD device when it’s connected via USB.

Step 3: Extract Firmware

Extract Firmware

    • Extract the downloaded firmware package to a folder on your computer. It typically comes in a compressed format like ZIP or RAR.

Step 4: Run the Flashing Tool

Run the SPD Flashing Tool

    • Launch the SPD flashing tool on your computer as an administrator. It may have different names depending on the version you are using.

Step 5: Load Firmware

Load pac and p5c Firmware

    • In the flashing tool, look for an option to load or select the firmware file. Browse to the folder where you extracted the firmware and select the file (usually ending in “.pac” or “.p5c“).

Step 6: Connect Your Device

    • Turn off your SPD device.
    • Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable while holding down specific buttons (usually the volume down or up key) to put it into download or flash mode. Refer to your device’s documentation or the internet for the exact key combination.
      holding down specific buttons (usually the volume down or up key)

Step 7: Start Flashing

Start Flashing

    • Once your device is detected by the flashing tool, click the “Start” or “Download” button to begin the flashing process. This process may take a few minutes.

Step 8: Completion and Reboot

Completion Flash and Reboot

    • Once the flashing process is complete, you will see a “Finish” or “Download OK” message in the tool.
    • Disconnect your device from the computer and power it on.

Step 9: Initial Setup

    • Your device will boot up with the new firmware. Follow the initial setup instructions to “Configure” your device.

Note: That’s it! You’ve successfully flashed your SPD Spreadtrum device. Keep in mind that flashing your device carries risks, and if done incorrectly, it can brick your device. Ensure you have the correct firmware and follow the instructions carefully.


Flashing an SPD Spreadtrum device is a time-consuming operation that entails upgrading or reinstalling the device’s firmware. This work must be approached with caution and attention to detail. Before you begin, make sure you have the right firmware, make a backup of any vital data, and follow the step-by-step instructions supplied by reputable sources. Mistakes when flashing might cause lasting harm to your device, so get expert assistance if you are unsure about the process. Flashing, when done correctly, may address software issues, enhance device performance, and keep your SPD device up to date with the most recent firmware. Before attempting to flash your smartphone, always emphasize safety and extensive research.

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